National Park Gateway Stables

Guided Trail Rides through the Rocky Mountain National Park & Roosevelt National Forest
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Be a Cowboy for an Hour or a Day. Experiencing the mountains on horseback is unforgettable.

What to Wear:

  • Long Pants
  • Closed Toed Shoes
  • Sweatshirt or Jacket (in case of windy, cool weather)
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What to Bring:

      • Water bottle- We can tie right on your saddle, as hydration is very important at high altitudes
      • Snacks or small meal depending on your ride length- these can also be stored in your saddle bags.
      • Hat/sunscreen/bug repellent
      • Helmets are provided upon request
National Park Gateway Stables rocky mountain national park gateway services stables stable horse horseback horses ride riding rides

stables10About SK Horses & National Park Gateway Stables

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Forty years ago, the original owners, Steve & Carolyn Kokjohn, decided that their stables would have horses that, “look as beautiful as the privately owned horses.” Each gelding in their huge herd has a name, brand name saddles, and proper equipment determined by their needs and preferences. Special and individualized attention is given to each horse, to ensure the highest condition, quality, appearance, grooming, and well-being.

Like their horses, all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and conditioned every year. Blankets and fleece cinches are hand-washed to ensure comfort and safety practices reign supreme in both the stables and on the rides.

Today, the family legacy is carried on by Jessica Kokjohn. Jessica, who was Iowa’s 1997 Rodeo Queen and an experienced horsewoman since childhood, operates the business with the utmost standards and respect for both horses and the public. Jessica is one of the rare among us who is living her dream.


1997 ~ Jessica Kokjohn, Farmington